About Vicky

VICKY DARVEAU is a holistic physical therapist graduated from the University of Montreal in Canada. She spent 4 years as a high-level athlete on the Quebec alpine ski team where her career was abruptly interrupted by an injury. This was her introduction to physical therapy. She has been practicing now for over 25 years and is married with 2 children in college.


She is fluent in French, Spanish and English. Her whole life has been dedicated to helping others heal. Vicky works with children, adults, elderlies and professional athletes. Vicky’s approach is not conventional, she looks for the root of the cause of the problem. She believes the body has an amazing innate capacity to heal itself if given the right treatment and guidance. Her biggest reward is to see her patients return to their full potential without medication or pain. She truly believes aging well is possible!


Vicky has been trained in manual therapy, myofascial release, electrical acupuncture, Rock tape techniques, Muscle Energie Techniques.


She is also a certified meditation teacher in Qi Gong where she was trained by Master Ou and she offers very powerful reiki healing sessions. She acquired her extensive nutritional knowledge through deep study of Anthony Williams who is a New York Times best selling author.