My Story

I am 51 years old and I feel amazing! I am captivated by health and nutrition and work vigorously to stay up to date with the newest information. It is imperative that I take care of my body as well as others; it has always come naturally to me.


As a child, I had to get my tonsils removed because I was constantly sick. Little did I know, that was not the ideal solution. As a teenager, I had embarrassing cystic acne and eczema, I saw multiple dermatologists who could not help me in any way. Around that same time, I started to have incredibly painful periods. I felt debilitating pain and exhaustion five days a month. Medical doctors “fixed it” by putting me on birth control pills.


College came with demanding schedules and stress from physical therapy school. A few years into my studies, I called my mother and told her I was just too depressed and exhausted to do anything or go anywhere. Thankfully she was very intuitive and took me to a Chinese acupuncturist. After five sessions, I was myself again. This was my first introduction to natural medicine where the acupuncturist introduced me to herbs, roots, and taught me about healing foods.


I noticed that after each exam period at school, I would suffer very painful throat infections. The doctors believed that the solution was to give me antibiotics.


Later in life, after having my children, I started having chronic pelvic pain, it was so painful I could not find relief even with 1,000 MG of over the counter pain medication. I was 36 years old at the time and was diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis. Doctors advised me to either try a type of medication related to chemotherapy or get a hysterectomy. It just didn’t make sense to me, it didn’t feel right, there had to be another solution. I found another way and to this day I am pain-free!


Since I was a little girl, I felt conventional medicine wasn’t offering me any healing options that made sense; it was letting me down. I felt frustrated and knew something was missing. Then came my father’s Parkinson diagnosis. Doctors told him there was no hope. They recommended he start multiple medications and try to enjoy the time he had left. Once again, conventional medicine was letting us down. I felt very alone and powerless. I knew I had to do something. I decided to pray, soon after I was introduced to Anthony William’s first book “Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal”. THAT IS WHEN OUR LIVES CHANGED.


Intuitively, it all made sense. I started learning how to apply his protocols, reading every single article and book that he released regarding health. That is when miracles started happening. My family, my friends, my patients, everyone who followed this advice, started getting better, including me.


Two years ago, I was diagnosed with carcinoma, a type of skin cancer and as per doctors, the only treatment was surgery. I healed my skin cancer in 60 days following protocols with proper diet and supplements. Doctors said it was impossible and it wouldn’t work. I am happy to say my skin is perfectly healed!


Witnessing firsthand the true power of foods and learning the true root cause of diseases has motivated me to share this knowledge. The amount of information out in our society can be overwhelming and at times dangerous, I can help you make sense of it. Now more than ever, I want to share with you how to keep yourself healthy, I want you to feel amazing!